The 2016 St. Louis Regional Ends


Friday and Saturday were very eventful for us. Our robot did not perform perfectly, but when does it ever? We ended up having to disable the shooter as it did not perform, and the climber was not ever mounted. Our huge drive wheels were advantageous in driving over obstacles easily, so that is what we focused on. Eventually we ended up ranking well, after jumping up and down on the scoreboard.

We ended the qualifiers in 6th place, so we got to be an alliance leader! After a great job done by the scouts, we picked teams 1706 and 3397.  A valiant game was given by the drive team, and we made it all the way to the Semi-finals, but lost there. We’d like to thank everyone for their efforts this build season, and our alliance-mates for their teamwork!

Meeting Tonight

Lunch prototype shooter from 1/16/2016

There will be a meeting tonight. Please have your competition forms filled out from the email. The other two forms are the forms that each team member attending competition will need to have filled out prior to attending competition. Please look over the forms carefully to ensure all required information is provided.

In addition, we need to finalize the pit schedule as well. Anyone that comes will have something to do, so please try to be there. This is possibly the last meeting before competition and we need all the info and the work done so we can do great at competitions!


Tonight, we finally bagged our robot! After a harrowing quest to get the PVC climbing arm in place on the robot, in addition to working restlessly on our shooting mechanism, and finishing the wiring and programming, we’ve finally come to a finish on Operation Ravenhold. We would like to thank all the students and especially the mentors involved in our project. Finally, congratulations to Alex (Warhoover) , Alex (Wise), and Alex (Jones), the sole three members this year who have been coming to Robotics meetings from freshman to senior year!

The 6th Week of Build Season


Today marks the ending of our last full week of the Build Season! Only three more days of work remain!

  • Programming finished the teleop code.
  • Sabermetrics (subgroup of programming)  has been working on a statistic generation program to help us get allies.
  • Build and Field team have been working on a Robotcart, as well as organizing and cleaning up the tool cart and supply closet.
  • Business worked on and finished a Safety Contract.
  • In Electrical Team, all the motors have been wired, save for Dylan’s arm
  • Mechanical has continued to work on the PVC pipe arm in order to scale the tower at the end of games

Thursday of Week 5

Tonight at Raven Robotics, we’ve all got a great deal of work on the robot accomplished.

  • Electrical Team has shifted the positions of the wire in such a way to allow for a second raceway to fit on the bottom of the track
  • Electrical Team has also entirely wired the drive train
  • Mechanical Team has finished the wench system to allow the PVC arm to work
  • In addition, the Mechanical Team has ensured the PVC arm is fully functional
  • The Saber-metric Team has refined the team-determining algorithms
  • Business Team has updated and tweaked the Judge award scripts
  • Programming Team has continued to integrate the code to this year’s robot
  • Web team has added a new member and now will discuss the events of week-day meetings

The Closing of Week 5

  • Electrical setup a lot of the wiring for this years robot.
  • Business worked on judging scripts to help aid students in answering the judges questions when asked about awards.
  • Interested students took this years Drivers Test to see who will be driving the robot.
    • The student officers are narrowing down the selection.
  • Programming found a way to modify messages sent to the robot into a more readable format.
  • Programming is also writing the autonomous code, despite not having a drive-able robot.
  • Web and Programming team are continuing to work together to improve their custom driving station.
  • The finished Shooter is mounted to the robot. 

We’re on Slack!


Multiple students and mentors have asked the Web Team for an official way to talk to other team members online. In the past we had forums on, but very few members used them.

The web team this year polled various students, mentors, and parents for how they would like to talk to each other. Email via reply-to-all is annoying and sometimes people get left off those lists. To that end the Web Team presents you with Slack.

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The End of Week 4

  • Pieces of the arm for our robot were cut and riveted together.
  • The prototype wooden shooter is being converted into the aluminium version of the shooter that we will use.
  • Programming finished the filters for the vision recognition.
  • Programming  (Sabermetrics) also continued working on evaluating eventual alliance members.
  • Field team is currently working on bumpers for the robot.
  • Electrical finished and is installing mounts they had made this and last week.
  • The Website along with Programming teams published the first working version of Remige, which is a website control system for interfacing with an FRC Robot’s NetworkTables.

The 3rd Week Ends

  • Electrical, Programming, and Build team all helped scrap previous years robots.
  • Electrical Team started cutting mounts for electrical components
  • Programming has been working with making a camera work.
  • The Programming and Website Team are collaborating to make a web interface for the robots controls.
  • Field team has completed all the obstacles.
  • Build team worked on the drive train.
  • The wheels have been attached to the Chassis, and they are BIG.